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God's House Tower is a project conceived, developed and managed by 'a space' arts. At ‘a space’ we are passionate about supporting artists and bringing Southampton’s history to life. Since 2000 we have been reanimating heritage buildings across the city with art – from our first gallery in the former antiques quarter on Old Northam Road in 2000, to the Bargate Monument Gallery, which hosted dozens of exhibitions in the city’s most important historical landmark between 2006 and 2012.

GHT is our most ambitious project to date and its latest reincarnation as an arts and heritage venue marks a major development in the regeneration of Southampton’s historically important Old Town.

The GHT online shop is a new venture and was born out of a need to continue supporting artists in Southampton at a time when our creative industries need it most. As well as four artists who we have supported since the opening of GHT in 2019 we have invited resident artists at the Arches and RIPE on Old Northam Road to join us in this venture and we are delighted to be able to offer these artists a platform to reach new audiences and showcase their work while the doors to GHT are forced to remain closed.

Supporting the GHT online shop will help local artists to continue working and creating in Southampton and support 'a space' in growing our creative communities.

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Powder, Prisoners and Paintings was written in 2019 by Dr Cheryl Butler, a local historian and writer. This book provides an in depth history of GHT's past, from its medieval inception as a strategic point of defence, as a place of refuge for pilgrims, as the town jail, mortuary, mill and warehouse, as Southampton’s Museum of Archaeology, and now as an arts and heritage venue.

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