Jonny Hannah

The illustrator Jonny Hannah was born and bred in Scotland, and now lives in Southampton, but he also resides in Darktown - a mysterious coastal town, not found on any map, peopled by pin-up girls, jazz artists and tattooed sailors. Darktown is home to the Unquiet Grave junk emporium; the Mermaid Cafe, where folk legend Woody Guthrie still plays each week; McVouty's vintage clothes shop; and a pier with a condemned helter skelter.

He studied Illustration at Liverpool Art School and at the Royal College of Art. He now lectures in illustration at Southampton University.

He collaborated with Jonathan Hodgson on the BAFTA award-winning 'The Man With The Beautiful Eyes' and his work can be seen across a broad range of media including the corporate artwork for The Museum of British Folklore.